Thanks for checking out our website!  This website is under construction.  Most of the information is being used as a placeholder and/or template.  Check back in the next few weeks to see our progress.

This website is part of a digital humanities project that seeks to create narrative histories of public liberal arts institutions.  Our project takes an in-depth look at Geneseo’s Humanities sequence as the primary dispositive by which Geneseo achieves its liberal arts mission of preparing students to be “informed citizens in the community.” Our research on the topic included digging through Geneseo’s archives, investigating national trends in higher education, and interviewing professors and administration at Geneseo.  On this page, you will find the culmination and integration of our research; hover your cursor over any image to reveal a quote from one of the faculty we interviewed as well as one of the many questions our research investigated.  When you find something interesting, simply click on the image and it will take you to an integrated discussion of the topic.  Along the top of the page, you can find our areas of research in isolation, as well as the complete transcriptions of interviews, a timeline of Geneseo’s history, and more.

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